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Hi there. I are visiting Vietnam for a couple of weeks in January 2016. I will also visit Cambodia during this couple of weeks and then back to my country from Ho Chi Minh City. Can I use visa exemption since my length in Vietnam is less than 15 days.
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I was wondering if the best and sole option for me was to get the multiple-entry visa...since I need to leave Vietnam and go back in,before returning to Canada. I am not Vietnamese .
Online Applying Vietnam visa from Spain

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Good morning, I are travelling to Vietnam on September 15 but have not yet fixed dates, I may enter on 17. and stay their for about 3 weeks. Could I apply for visa with arrival date on September 15 and then go some days later?
Online Applying Vietnam visa from Spain

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Hi we would like to ask if you are able to process a visa for my husband as we entered Vietnam today and planning to go to Cambodia in two days of couple of days and back to Vietnam. Apparently, as a Spanish citizen, he cannot re-enter Vietnam within 30 days