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Proposal on 30-day Vietnam Visa Exemption for UK for 5 years

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister, requesting the Vietnamese Government to consider continuing exemption of Vietnam visa for Spanish citizens as well as for citizens of UK, France, Germany and Italy for further 5 years. The Ministry also proposed to extend validity of their visa exemption from current 15 days to 30 days.
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Can we apply Vietnam visa on Arrival if we have already started applying through the embassy?

My girlfriend and I have already completed the first stage of applying for a visa directly through the Vietnamese embassy in Spain and have each received an electronic visa application form which has an individual application number. Having found out that the VOA is normally cheaper and easier are we able to still apply through you or will this cause problems?
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Vietnam realiza promoción turística en Ucrania

Vietnam participa en la Feria Internacional de Viajes y Turismo (UITT) en Kiev, Ucrania, como parte de sus esfuerzos por promover la imagen del país y atraer a más turistas extranjeros.