All you love to know about Vietnam E-Visa for Spanish

What is Vietnam E-visa?

At the moment, the concept of Vietnam E Visa can be understood as 2 types of online Vietnam Visa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival & Vietnam Electronic Visa. For more details, simply click through:

Vietnam Electronic Visa is the latest type of online Vietnam Visa. This new kind of visa was officially established in February 1st, 2017 by Vietnamese Government after 2-year of plot program. This new type of visa is available in 40 countries, if you want to know whether your country is in the list, please check out here. For Spanish citizens, it is really honored to inform that Spanish passport holders will be able to apply for Vietnam E-visa.

So, there are 3 ways to get Vietnam Visa for Spanish citizens:

  • Applying Vietnam Visa in person at Vietnam Embassy or consulate in Spain
  • Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival with
  • Applying for Vietnam E-visa.

The first choice can be done offline while the two following one are online. Thus, in this post, we would be to compare the pros and cons of the two online methods.

(*) Similarity

  • Both types of visa are issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • Visitors who want to spend their vacation in Vietnam can apply for both types.
  • Both are made online and time-saving.

(*) Differences

-About Vietnam Visa Fee

  • While Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fee depends on the types of visa, processing time, number of applicants; Vietnam Electronic Visa Cost is fixed at $25.
  • While Vietnam Visa On Arrival can be refunded if visa application process is not successful; Vietnam Electronic Visa can not be refunded under any circumstances.

-About Processing Time

  • VOA Vietnam (Vietnam Visa On Arrival) only takes 2 business days or even quicker (in only 2 hours for example) in case of urgency to get your visa approval letter
  • Vietnam Electronic Visa takes 3 business days to find out whether your application is approved.

-About Visa Validity

  • Vietnam Electronic Visa is just valid for 1 month maximum, and applied for single entry only.
  • Vietnam Visa On Arrival has various types for foreigners to choose: 1 month single/multiple entry; 3 month single/multiple entry; 6-month multiple entry; 1-year multiple entry & 1 month single entry (for tourist purpose)

-About Drawbacks

  • Vietnam Visa On Arrival applicants may have to line up at the Airport to get visa stamped if there are too many people waiting there for the same reason as yours.
  • Vietnam E-visa may be refused at some certain airlines or even custom officals at the airports because it’s very new type. Vietnam Electronic Visa applicants would better check with your Airlines in order to avoid it.


From the comparison, it is easy for you to see that Vietnam Visa on Arrival is still more popular, more applicable and superior to Vietnam Electronic Visa to some extent including: processing time, service fee, and validity. Furthermore, it is also less time consuming, you will get a refund if your visa isn’t approved so overall.