Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Can we apply Vietnam visa on Arrival if we have already started applying through the embassy?

My girlfriend and I have already completed the first stage of applying for a visa directly through the Vietnamese embassy in Spain and have each received an electronic visa application form which has an individual application number.

Having found out that the VOA is normally cheaper and easier are we able to still apply through you or will this cause problems?

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Hi Matt,

The best way for you to obtain a Vietnam visa is to apply for visa on arrival (which is for those who travel to Vietnam by AIR only).

And yes, you and your girlfriend can still apply through us, no problem at all.

The process to get visa on arrival is very simple and easy as follows:

  1. Please fill out the application form on the link: and make payment of service fee.
  2. You’ll get a visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department within 2 business days (after payment received).
  3. You’ll use that visa approval letter, along with your passports + 2 photos (4 cm x 6 cm) + stamping fee in cash (USD) to get visa stamped on your passports at Vietnam airport.

Please find the fee of Vietnam visa on arrival in the following photo.

Vietnam visa on arrival cost table

Here, pax mean person.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,