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Online Applying Vietnam visa from Spain

Vietnam Visa on Arrival with Vietnam Embassy

I've just completed the online form on your website, and I've got the confirmation email stating that I will get my visa approval letter by 8am, December 16, 2016. I wanted to know if it is necessary that I present at the embassy of Vietnam here in Spain?
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Vietnam visa requirement for UK in Spain

Hi there. I'm UK and currently residing in Madrid Spain. I will have a trip to Vietnam starting from November 30, 2016. I have just come back here from my 30 days in Vietnam on November 10. Of course, I had visa for that stay already. So, please confirm do I need visa for this next trip, on November 30, 2016.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Single or Multiple Entry visa for Vietnam

I will be on a cruise in December starting in Singapore, Thailand and the Vietnam. On December 17 I will be in Ho Chi Minh City back on board the ship and on December 18 in Nha Trang, do I need a MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA? Is there a location in Murcia to get it in person? I’m Canadian in this city.
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Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish

I will stay 15 days in Vietnam, then I will go to Cambodia for 4 - 5 days and then I will come back to Vietnam for one day in order to flight back to Spain form Hanoi airport.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Can we apply Vietnam visa on Arrival if we have already started applying through the embassy?

My girlfriend and I have already completed the first stage of applying for a visa directly through the Vietnamese embassy in Spain and have each received an electronic visa application form which has an individual application number. Having found out that the VOA is normally cheaper and easier are we able to still apply through you or will this cause problems?
Online Applying Vietnam visa from Spain

Where to get my Vietnam visa – Vietnam Embassy in Spain or UK

I am Spanish passport holder and planning to visit Vietnam for 20 days, so I know that I will need a Vietnam visa. And I must apply via the embassy as I will travel to Vietnam by bus from Cambodia. But my question is that, do I need to apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in Spain or can I apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in London, UK as I have 2 weeks there, near the embassy.
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Vietnam Visa Exemption for Myanmar Citizens in Spain

I'm a Myanmar (Burma) citizen and currently I'm studying in Spain. It was lucky of me to get one week break on coming May and I'd like to have a visit to your country. I did research from the internet of your official website page and it is mentioned that A-14 day visa exemption is granted to Myanmar (Burma) citizen.