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Cost of Vietnam visa for Spanish citizens for 30 days

Hello Vietnam Embassy,

I would like to know much it is for a single entry Vietnam visa.  As a Spanish citizen I know that I am allowed 15 days without a visa but I would like to know the cost of a 30 day visa.

I look forward to your reply.

Many Thanks,


Hello Librado,

Please note that we are  a travel agency in Vietnam in charge of Vietnam visa on arrival for travelers to the country, not the embassy. In case you travel to Vietnam by air, you can apply for visa with us. In this case, for 1 month single visa on arrival, it costs you $ 21 US service fee. You will pay for service fee online to get visa letter via email so that you can fly to Vietnam. At Vietnam Airport, you would pay US $25 stamping fee in order to collect your stamped visa. To apply, refer to the link:

In case you wish to obtain a visa at embassy, please directly contact them for details as the visa fee would vary from one to one.

For any other information, please do let us know!

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