How can Spanish citizens adapt to Vietnamese life

Vietnam attracts foreigners coming to the country not only for tourism but also for settlement. But is it easy for Spanish to adapt to Vietnamese life? How to do it? We will provide you some suggestions in this article.

Adapting to the new language

Learning Vietnamese is a vital way to adjust to the life of this country easier. You should learn some basic Vietnamese words or phrases such as “how are you,” “how much is it,” “my name is…”, and “thank you in Vietnamese before arriving as well as being in the country.

There are plenty of video on the Internet that and show you how to pronounce them; however, if you want to speak Vietnamese more perfectly, taking a course is better. The teacher can teach you details about the language. Moreover, it can provide an environment for you to practice. Also, you will have a chance to share the experience with each other.

Knowing Vietnamese can help you a lot in communicating with the locals, especially if you want to settle in Vietnam. Although English is the second language in this country, not all the citizens are good at it. Therefore, learning Vietnamese can not only reduce misunderstandings and frustrations but also understand more about the Vietnamese culture and outlook on life.

Adapting to the new culture

It is normal if you have culture shock when you are in the other country as it is not easy to adapt to a new culture. Everything seems to be unfamiliar, from the weather, landscape, and language to food, fashion, values, and customs. But how challenging it is, you still have to do it. To get used to a new culture, it will take quite a long time. The key helping you do this is that you have to be more open-minded and learn to work with the culture not against it.

Besides the hard aspect, trying to adapt to a new culture is also interesting. You can learn a lot from the other cultures. Every culture has the unique approach to solving problems, communicating or dealing with life. Just be more patient and less aggressive, you can do it easier.

Adapting to the new food

It will take time for you to adapt to the new cuisine too. Don’t worry if your body rejects the new things at first. It is normal, every country does not have the same cuisine as well as ingredients. The simplest way to do it is incorporating it into your daily meal. When it turns fine to you, try more and more. Day by day, you can get used to it as your body will adjust to the new foods, ingredients, and flavors.

Vietnamese cuisine has a blend of five fundamental tastes (sour, spicy, salty, sweet and bitter) in the overall meal. every Vietnamese dish has its own flavor which reflects one or more of the elements above. Traditional Vietnamese food is widely admired for its fresh ingredients and reliance on herbs and vegetables. With the balance of the taste, Vietnamese food is seen as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Adapting to the new surroundings

It is never easy to adapt to brand new surroundings and social norms. To make it easier, you should learn about it in advance. Each part of Vietnam has its own feature, so this is a wise way to get used to the new environment. Additionally, be friendly and communicate more with your new neighbors is also important. If you are confusing about whether it is easy to make friend with Vietnamese, don’t worry, most of the people in the country are very kind and polite.

Living in Vietnam is not too hard. We hope our information and advice can help you adapt to the life in this country much easier.

And before going there for settlement, we suggest you to make a long holiday to the country. And of course, the very first thing you should prepare is Vietnam visa. Here is full guide about Vietnam visa for Spanish citizens, you should spend a few minutes to read or otherwise something will be lost.