Suggested Vietnam packing list for a Spanish citizens

Vietnam is one of the can’t-miss travel hubs in South East Asia with various wonderful reasons with the ancient capital Hanoi to the north, modern megalopolis Ho Chi Minh City to the south as well as rich cultural and ecological values. To make your trip more perfect, here’s a suggested Vietnam packing list for your wonderful holiday preparation!

Preparation for Vietnam Visa in Spain

Firstly, make sure that your original passport is at least six months in validity before your arrival date in Vietnam. As being a Spanish citizen, a Vietnam visa will be required so you can have 2 ways obtaining Vietnam visa including getting at Vietnam embassy in Spain or visa on arrival. It should be born in mind that the visa fee will be diverse for each type. You can refer by accessing the link:, then the full Vietnam visa fees for visa on arrival will be stated in detail. In case you apply visa through embassy, just prepare up to around $25 a 30 day single entry visa.

Take a further comparision between 2 methods of getting visa to Vietnam via:

Budget arrangement

It’s significant to have a clear plan of how much money you will have to spend in Vietnam. Try to map out your flight and hotel expenses at first, and then prepare for further expenses for food, transportation and other activities. In estimation, you may have to pay only $45 for 5 buses, and there is no need to pay more than $10 per night for accommodation. The street food here just cost you $5 or under. It really a nice place to go with cheap cost so you don’t have to worry about that much!

Another advice for you is to exchange US dollars into Vietnam cash to buy things in the country. Remember that the official Vietnamese currency is Vietnamese Dong, but US Dollars are widely accepted in all places (except for some remote areas or local shops) and you can withdraw dollars from ATMs here. But please be notices to not leave much cash in your wallet as you can be the target of pickpockets then.


Vietnam street food is tasty & budget-friendly for a Spanish citizens

Buy travel insurance

Take it serious to get your travel insurance to make sure you’re covered in case you have an accident as Vietnamese health care is good, but it will also be pricey. Besides medical costs, travel insurance will cover you for flight cancellations and other disruptions beyond your control.


Here is the suggested packing list of what you have to prepare for you upcoming trip to Vietnam base on the culture, weather and typical lifestyle in this nation:

  • A hat, sunglasses that can prevent UV light and protect your eyes from hot sunshine.
  • A bag that keeps all your stuffs in order so you don’t have to throw all its contents on the floor every time you want to find something.
  • Mosquito spray is fundamental in this tropical country because this kind of insect is seen widespread in Vietnam and tends to be most active in the afternoon and at night.
  • Stomachache medicine is also notable as they will help when you are allergic with any change in your common diet.
  • A quick dry towel is also worth bringing as you don’t have to rely much on the place you’re staying to provide a high quality towel.
  • Remember to bring a small first aid kit as well just for unexpected situations.

With all the things above, you may have full preparation to enjoy the upcoming trip without worrying about the cost or lacking of necessary things on the journey!