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Vietnam to consider granting 30-day Visa Exemption for Spanish Citizens

Spanish citizens are currently entitled to 15-day Vietnam visa exemption. However, this policy will expire on June 30, 2016 after 1 year of implementation. What will happen then?

With positive responses from this policy indicated via increasing number of foreign arrivals in Vietnam in the past 10 months, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism submitted a proposal on extending visa exemption for Spanish citizens as well as citizens of other 4 countries (UK, France, Italy and Germany) to another five years.

In addition, based on feedbacks of many travelers saying that 2 weeks would be not enough for them to discover Vietnam, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also propose to extend exemption validity for these citizens to 30 days from the current 15 days.

If this proposal is approved, it will become a great encourage for Spanish citizens as well as citizens of UK, France, Italy and Germany to travel to Vietnam.

At the moment, all Spanish citizens are allowed to enter and stay in Vietnam for 15 days without a visa if:

  1. Their passport is valid for at least 6 months since their arrival date;
  2. Their arrival date is not within 30 days from exit date of the last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption.

Otherwise, they need a visa for Vietnam. And if this is the case, a Vietnam visa for Spanish can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Apply for visa atVietnam embassy in Spain or in a third party;
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

For more information about Vietnam visa application for Spanish passport holders in Spanish, refer to the link: