Why Vietnam Visa on Arrival

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Hi there ,
I am a Canadian born citizen living in Spain, and I be traveling to Vietnam this summer . My friends and I are also planning to visit Taiwan after staying in Vietnam for a few weeks. After my stay in Taiwan, before returning to Canada, I will go back to Vietnam first.

I was wondering if the best and sole option for me was to get the multiple-entry visa…since I need to leave Vietnam and go back in,before returning to Canada. I am not Vietnamese .

Please help.


Dear Shine,

In this case a multiple entry visa is best for you. You may have two options to get this visa:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if  your first arrival in Vietnam is by air. (For more information about how it works, please click here); OR
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Spain.

Wish you all good things,