Need Vietnam visa or not

Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish

I am a Spanish tourist and I’m going to visit Vietnam this October. I know that as a citizen of Spain, I don’t need to apply for a Vietnam visa if I stay in Vietnam less than 15 days.

I will stay 13 days in Vietnam, then I will go to Cambodia for 4 – 5 days and then I will come back to Vietnam for one day in order to flight back to Spain form Hanoi airport.

I would like to know if I need to apply for a visa or not.

Thank you for your help.


Dear Sarah,

Please be informed that a Vietnam visa won’t be required if you stay in Vietnam less than 15 days and your entry does not fall within 30 days from the exit date of your previous stay in Vietnam with visa exemption. It means that you absolutely can enter Vietnam without a visa on the first entry, but you must have a visa for your return from Cambodia.

If you are crossing the border to come back Vietnam, you are recommended to obtain a visa directly from Vietnam Embassy in advance. If by plane, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival and pick up a visa upon arrival airport.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you need any further information.

Your sincerely,