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Whether 15-day Vietnam Visa Exemption Policy for Spanish Citizens Get Extended?

Spanish citizens were very happy when the Vietnam Government issued the policy to grant 15-day Vietnam visa exemption for Spanish citizens which takes effect from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

This policy has undergone two thirds of its path, and there is only almost 4 months to its expiration. The big question now is whether this policy is extended? However, we have not seen any move of the Vietnamese Government, it is maybe under discussion. Any information relating to this policy shall be updated by us whenever the information comes to us.

Now, if you wish to visit before June 30, 2016, please remember the following important tips to best prepare for your visa to Vietnam:

1. Normally, a lot of Spanish passport holders plan their trips as flying to Vietnam and then leaving it for Cambodia or Thailand for a few day and then returning to Vietnam. However, please keep in mind that there is a restriction on the time duration between you two entries if you use the visa exemption. It is important to take note that there must be a gap of at least 30 days between your two entries if you want to re-enter Vietnam under the visa waiver program. In other words, if you would like to entry Vietnam for multiple time in 30 days, they can only use the exempted visa for once and apply for a new visa for the next entries as normal.

2. Another note is that getting a visa extension or renewal within Vietnam is no longer a simple process like obtaining a visa on arrival. It is a matter of time-consuming and expensiveness. The fee of extension visa is much higher than getting a pre-arranged visa letter. The advice here is to make your trip plan carefully before you go. In case, you are not sure that 15-day stay is good enough for you to discover Vietnam, we recommend you to arrange a 1 month or 3 month entry visa prior to the trip, which is less time-consuming, more convenient, and more economical.

There are currently 2 options for getting a visa to Vietnam for Spanish applicants: you can either submit paper application at embassy/ consulate and collect the visa there, or apply online for visa approval via a reputable travel agent to be qualified for picking up the visa on arrival at port of entry.